What Is The Best Type of Glass for Drinking Beer?

Did you know the type of glass you use can have a huge impact on your beer drinking experience? Use this handy guide to ensure you get the best beer...

Sometimes the craving for a cool, refreshing beer is so strong we'd drink it out of a shampoo bottle if we had to, but the truth is, the vessel we use to enjoy our brew can make a huge difference to the way it tastes.

While you can grab a coffee mug, ubiquitous red party cup or champagne flute to drink beer, a proper beer glass is always going to give you the best-tasting experience. 

Why Beer Glass Type Matters

Your taste is largely informed by your sense of smell, and the best beer glasses are designed to bring to life the complex and tantalizing aromas of your brew. So while an empty bottle of Pert Plus can double as a beer glass in the most basic sense, the suds you taste won't be at their best...and likely, they won't be from the beer.

So keep reading. We're going to tell you what beer glass goes with what beer so that every tipple is top-notch. 

The Best Beer Glass for Your Favourite Brews


Best Beer Glass: The Allegro Beer Glass

This beer glass has been designed for Steam Whistle Premium Pilsner specifically--but really, any pilsner, American ale, hefeweizen or blonde ale can benefit from a smooth pour in an Allegro.

Lagers, Scottish Ales, Irish Dry Stouts

Best Beer Glass: Beer Mug or Stein

The thickness of steins and mugs make this type of beer glass ideal for lagers, Scottish Ales and Irish Dry Stouts. The shape of mugs and steins better express the heavier aromas in these full-bodied beers.

IPAs, Belgian Ales, German Bocks & Maibocks (beers with high ABV)

Best Beer Glass: Chalice or Goblet

The wide opening of this type of beer glass makes it perfect for analyzing the heavy flavour profile of malty beers.

Double IPA, Belgian IPA (beers with high gravity and higher ABV)

Best Beer Glass: Sniffer

The beer sniffer is rarely used but is a beer glass with many commendable qualities for stronger beers. With a short stem and a wide bowl, you can swirl your brew around, which will bring out more of the flavours of higher ABV beers.

Belgian Ales, Scottish Ales

Best Beer Glass: Tulip or Thistle Glass

The tulip shape of these beers glasses, characterized by a stem, a bulb-like bottom, and a narrow top, help to capture the foam head while also facilitating sold swirlability so you can release more aroma before you sip.

Weizenbocks, Wheat Ales or Kristalweizens

Best Beer Glass: Weizen

Much like a pilsner beer glass but with a curve at the top, a Weizen glass traps and encourages a good foam, which helps drinkers take in the complete aroma of wheat beers.

For Good Times

Best Beer Glass: Das Boot

Popular at beer fests the world over--including our Winter Craft Beer Fest--Das Boot beer glass brings traditional German glassware to everyday imbibing. The fun shape of this footwear inspired beer glass makes it awesome for any beer type--and the 2L capacity of the Steam Whistle Das Boot means it's perfect for when you're extra thirsty.

Using the best beer glass for your beer type is an easy way to take even more joy out of one of life's simpler pleasures. See for yourself. Pair these glasses with the recommended brews and thank us later.

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Posted on February 24 2020, By: Steam Whistle


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