Keg Hand Pump Rental Kit


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  • Product Info

    Also includes an additional $150 deposit.

    Does not include Keg Rental.

    The Keg Hand Pump Rental Kit comes standard with:

    • Steam Whistle hand pump
    • Keg bin
    • 2 x 25lbs bags of ice
    • 1 sleeve of cups (50)

    How it works

    • Using the scheduling tool please select your window for delivery.  Due to ice and keg, beer should be consumed the same day as delivery.
    • Your Delivery will show up within the 2-hour range of your chosen delivery time.
    • After the event, a driver will return to pick up all your gear and empty keg. Please provide preferred pick-up details in the Post Event Pick-Up Form.
    • Once all gear and empties are returned, your deposit will be refunded accordingly