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Beer & Chocolate Pairings for Easter 2019

Easter chocolate is great on its own but what if you had a nice pint of Steamwhistle with it? We have put together the best chocolate parings for your beer.

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Chocolate and beer: for those of us with thrills for pilsners, it’s the ultimate Easter chocolate triumph. While the pairing may not immediately seem natural, once you mingle their distinctly smooth flavours, you get an undeniably delicious duo.

Unlike pairing wine with chocolate — which we’re not denying is still pretty good — when you pair chocolate with beer you avoid what is commonly known as a palate power play. That’s an alliterative way to say that the dominant elements of chocolate and wine are both vying for your attention like needy toddlers.

With the pairing of beer and chocolate, however, beer subtly underpins the bolder flavour of chocolate, allowing you to enjoy both flavours more fully. Finding the perfect pairing of beer and chocolate is super easy, too: just combine lighter chocolates with lighter beer, and darker chocolate with darker beer. Of course, there are many shades of both beer and chocolate, so you have a lot of room to play and push boundaries, but this pairing advice is a solid place to start.

Steam Whistle Premium Pilsner + Easter Chocolate Pairings

Pilsners are a lighter beer with complex malt flavours and aromas and a smooth, clean, crisp taste. Follow the ‘like-with-like’ pairing guideline, it makes sense to pair pilsners with creamy — and when possible, nutty — milk or white chocolates.

Here are our top picks:

1. SOMA Rascally Rabbit Milk Chocolate

Just in time for finding the perfect Easter chocolate, SOMA, Toronto-based chocolatiers, have created a melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate bunny that pairs perfectly with our premium pilsner.

2. Lindt Swiss Milk Chocolate

Lindt’s signature Swiss milk chocolate bar makes our list as an unbeatable pilsner pairing. In addition to the signature creamy Lindt taste and texture, this chocolate also features a delightful hint of caramel.

3. Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Bar

Cabbury’s is synonymous with Easter chocolate, so it makes sense they’ve made our list. Their Dairy Milk is classic, and the nutty and sweet addition of raisins and almonds packed into each milk chocolate Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut bar sets it up as smooth win when enjoyed with Steam Whistle.

4. Green & Black White Chocolate

Made with organic Madagascan vanilla, crushed cocoa beans and whole milk, Green & Black is a heavy hitter in the world of white chocolate. The deeply playful taste and smooth texture combine beautifully with a swig o’ Steam Whistle.

5. Ferrero Hazelnut Eggs

With a crispy texture to match Steam Whistle’s crisp flavour, as well as the smooth milk chocolate shell and creamy hazelnut filling, Ferroro’s Hazelnut Eggs are a mouthwatering Easter chocolate to enjoy with our brew.

6. Kinder Egg

Time to raid your kid’s Easter basket for one of the best Easter chocolate and beer pairings of all time: the Kinder Egg! Whether it’s a Kinder Surprise with the toy or a mini Kinder egg with the creamy cocoa filling, this is a sphere of pure milk chocolate goodness.  

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Salivating yet? Yeah, we thought so. Heed our recommendations and enjoy your Easter chocolate thoroughly (and your beer responsibly) this year. Happy Easter, from all of us Good Beer Folks at Steam Whistle!