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Steam Whistle’s Biergärten Grand Opening

Find out everything you need to know about the Steam Whistle Biergärten grand opening! Officially open to the public on May 11th!

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Cancel your flight to Munich, because now you’ll need to look no further than Roundhouse Park for an authentic, German beer hall experience that’s unlike anything else you’ll experience this spring. Feel instantly at home surrounded by old friends and new friends in a bier hall that combines drink, food, and an unbridled sense of merriment for an experience you simply won’t find elsewhere in Toronto (or North America, for that matter!). You’re just a matter of days away from this unique experience, and we’ve got a launch party in store to help get you even more excited.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Steam Whistle Biergärten, the grand opening, and your plans for the weekend. Pencil it in and start practicing your best German accent because this beer hall is going to be one hell of a gute zeit!

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1. Authentic Brews

Don’t worry, your favourite Canadian-made brew isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s the star of the show at our new biergärten. Biergärten are made for drinking fine beer with friends, so we’re proud to continue the tradition by serving up the Steam Whistle pilsner that exemplifies the strict standards of the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516. Using just pure spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast to brew our signature pilsner, Steam Whistle creates an authentic brew that transports you to Europe.  

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2. Authentic Taste

But, what would beer be without food to enhance the taste and mouthfeel of every sip? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got delicious snacks up our sleeves, like pretzels, schnitzel, and roast chicken to delight every taste bud while keeping true to the German bier hall tradition. There are also vegetarian and vegan options, because inclusivity is the hallmark of a traditional biergärten. Eat, drink, and be merry with friends—what more could a beer lover want?

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3. The Atmosphere

We’ve put everything that Steam Whistle embodies into our new biergärten, and we can’t wait to become your go-to summer destination with friends. From a lively, open atmosphere to your favourite pilsner at the ready, the Steam Whistle Biergärten feels just like those in German but with our own Canadian twist. With communal sitting and bright, open spaces, you’ll bond with old friends, make new ones, and create lasting memories in a modern but genuine biergärten.

4. The Grand Opening

So, what are we waiting for? We’re only days away from the public grand opening of the hugely anticipated Steam Whistle Biergärten, so get excited! If you simply can’t wait (we can’t either!) then you’re going to love what we’ve got planned: the party to end all parties. On Saturday, May 11th, come on over to Roundhouse Park with your best beer-loving friends for a day of drinks, food, and more than a little good-natured rowdiness. Help us celebrate the start of a new spring and summer tradition at the Steam Whistle Biergärten. We’ll cheers to that!

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