Catering Spotlight: en Ville

For over 30 years, en Ville Event Design and Catering has been focused on creating spectacular one-of-a-kind events. en Ville now has the distinction of being an award-winning full-service catering company and is proud to be regarded as one of Toronto’s premier event and catering businesses.

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February 21, 2019

The next incredible Toronto caterer we are featuring in our ongoing Catering Spotlight, is en Ville. For over thirty years, en Ville Event Design and Catering has been focused on creating spectacular one-of-a-kind events. en Ville now has the distinction of being an award-winning full-service catering company and is proud to be regarded as one of Toronto premiere event and catering businesses.

Across the company, there are over two dozen languages spoken, with a diverse team from different backgrounds with unique knowledge and experiences. They’ve earned an unparalleled level of expertise with weddings and events of all kinds.

en Ville creates custom menus to reflect seasonality, style, and culture, with every menu they design being tailored to each individual client. en Ville can provide meals for one to over five thousand people, once serving approximately 53,000 people in a single week during the Pope’s World Youth Day visit.

Can you further explain the cultural fusions en Ville created for a few Toronto weddings?

Photo courtesy of en Ville

One of the coolest things about Toronto weddings is the huge number of different cultures the city is home to. With folks from so many different backgrounds getting together, there are some opportunities for not only really amazing food but new ways of mixing them together.

en Ville’s philosophy, especially where weddings are concerned, is to sit down and have a chat, to learn about each couple’s likes, dislikes, backgrounds, where they’ve travelled to together, what they ate on their first date, what they learned to make from their Grandmothers as children, and to create a menu that takes all of these elements into account, along with seasonality, tastes and budget.

What are some examples of unique cultural fusions en Ville has created?

Photo courtesy of en Ville

An awesome example was a Chinese/Ukrainian couple. As a late night snack, we created a fried dumpling bar, with Pierogis and Northern Chinese Style Jiaozi. This was based on a conversation where the couple were asked what kind of thing they learned how to make as children, that they still love today. Turns out both the bride and groom learned from their grandmothers, how to make dumplings – it was a hit with all the guests, and it was something a bit more meaningful than your typical slider and poutine bar.

Another wedding was entirely cocktail style, so absolutely everything had to be finger-food friendly. The Filipina bride let us know that her favourite dish was Kare Kare (a braised oxtail in a peanut sauce, served like stew, or curry). Obviously, difficult to make that kind of dish finger-food friendly, so we combined it with another Filipino dish – Lumpia – a kind of spring roll. From this, Kare Kare Lumpia was born! All the flavour of Kare Kare but in a portable, finger-food friendly style! Instead of serving it with standard spring roll sauce, guests could dip them into ‘Bagoong Alamang’, a shrimp paste that is the usual condiment for Kare Kare.

Why is this style of catering so special to your team?

Photo courtesy of en Ville

Doing this kind of thing is not only more impactful for the couple and their guests, but much more fun for the kitchen team as well. We get to experience a huge variety of dishes and experiment with combining flavours and textures, which doesn’t always get to happen with banquet catering. Our team loves variety, and to try new things.

One menu we did last summer for a couple consisted of dishes representing countries and places they had traveled to and lived in together. It was a six-course dinner, plus hors d’oeuvres, and each item represented a different place, from Hawaii to Northern Italy, China, Quebec and the UK. They wanted to take their guests on a taste tour of the places that they’d fallen in love with.

What keeps your employees so inspired?

Photo courtesy of en Ville

Their passion for food and service.

Usually, we have large potlucks. One takes place in the summer, and one at Christmas time, where everyone brings in something tasty. The team especially looks forward to this – since it’s a chance to show off something from your culture, or childhood, or just a favourite dish. Between the front of house and back of house, our team represents every continent. There are quite a few opportunities to try new foods, and develop new ideas at these lunches, since everyone tries to make something new. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to come together and enjoy each other’s company and cuisine.

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