Operation Bottle Drive

Steam Whistle is offering to Pick Up Bottles from GTA Homes via Operation Bottle Drive.

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May 20, 2021

Here at the brewery, we are unfortunately facing a bottle shortage – yes, a bottle shortage!

Beer buying habits have changed this year as social distancing precautions and stay-at-home orders have caused consumers to shop less frequently and buy larger volumes, thereby holding greater inventories of bottles at home. The stockpiling of empties over the winter is a normal seasonal practice for beer drinkers, but pandemic restrictions have stifled the typical ‘spring-clean’ surge in bottle returns as Canadians remain housebound in prolonged COVID lockdown. Meanwhile, Steam Whistle faces delays for new glass bottles on orders due to pandemic-related slowdowns in the manufacturing and transport of finished bottle inventory. Fortunately, the Good Beer Folks have been inspired to create a new program – Operation Bottle Drive.

Steam Whistle’s Iconic green bottles aren’t only green in colour but are also environmentally friendly. They can be used up to 50 times

What is Operation Bottle Drive?

The Steam Whistle Home Delivery team will take your empties back when making a fresh beer drop-off in free delivery zones, or will make a special trip in the GTA simply to pick up your empties.

How does it work?

Visit https://delivery.steamwhistle.ca/ to place a beer order with empties pickup in ZONES 1, 2 and 3. [Indicate in the NOTES section that you have empties for return.]

For an EMPTIES ONLY pickup, email [email protected] and our team will reach out to schedule a time for contactless collection.  Minimum 24 bottles. ZONES 1 & 2 only [GTA].

NOTE: To maintain safe, contactless service, the Home Delivery team cannot go into homes or garages for empties’ retrieval. Please leave your empties outside on the porch or driveway at the pre-determined time. Our team is unable to take back cans or other breweries’ empty bottles. Empties continue to be refundable at THE BEER STORE across Ontario.

Ontario Delivery Zones: Steam Whistle’s free delivery service for orders $45 or greater, now includes most of Southern Ontario. From Windsor to Ottawa, north to Muskoka, the brewery delivers direct to consumers. 

Steam Whistle offers Home Delivery across Ontario. Here are our delivery zones.

Operation Bottle Drive is a win-win for everyone. We’ll save you the heavy lifting, time and gas to return your empties to The Beer Store, and you help keep your favourite brewery’s bottling line running this summer.