10 Steps To Planning A Great Office Party

Become the workplace hero by learning how to organize your own Beer-O’clock with our handy how-to guide.

The word Beer o-clock has been added to the Oxford Dictionary this week. Its permanent residency in our everyday vernacular inspired us to blog about one of our most common Home delivery requests: bringing Beer o・€・clock to the office! Become the workplace hero by learning how to organize your own Beer-O-clock with our handy how-to guide.

1. Think outside the box... or cubicle

For many people, the worst part of a work party is being at work! When you log so many hours at your desk it's difficult to unwind in that environment. Plus it will be difficult to tear the workoholics away from their inbox. By bringing your office party to an outside location it's also a neutral ground for you to bond with your co workers. Some unique locations to consider

A brewery - We now offer group tours which includes a private tour a bottle of our Pilsner, a taste of the unfiltered version of our brew, a delicious spread of local meats, cheeses & baked pretzels, and a commemorative pint glass souvenir. This 2-3 hour experience is great for corporate groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations up to 40 people and is only $25 per person.

A backyard or home - If you have a staff member with a great house or backyard - ask if they'd like to host your office fete. An unlikely venue - Past Good Beer Folk party venues have included: Toronto Island, BATL Axe Throwing and SPiN Toronto.

2. Get everyone to pony up $$$$

If you don't have a party fund set aside, send an all staff email gauging interest and ask all potential attendees to contribute $10 - $20 to the staff party fund.

3. Schedule your delivery

If hosting your party at the office makes the most sense logistically take advantage of delivery service to save yourself from schlepping! We bring the beer, ice and trough and will even help you set up and pick everything up for you. If you need beer or keg delivered in the downtown Toronto core give our Home Delivery team a call to co-ordinate your beer-o-clock! We recommend averaging 2-3 beers per person (if no other alcohol is being served).

4. Organize Food

A Beer O'clock isn't complete without a couple snacks on the side. For our Steam Whistle Staff parties Good Beer Folk Max Walton typically wears the chef hat and fires up a BBQ for burgers, fajitas or even build-your-own pizza parties.

5. Pick your tunes

One of our most memorable tour guides and DJ extraordinaire DJ Fields MQueen graciously sets up his 1's and 2's to keep the people moving at our staff parties. If you don't have a resident DJ on staff a sound dock and a curated playlist will do just fine.

6. Schedule a convenient time

At many organizations picking a time when everyone is available to attend is a challenge. Our standard party time is 7 p.m. It's after our production line stops, when our retail store is closed and marketing and admin is done for the day.

7. Have a variety of drink options

Not all your staff will be beer drinkers but that shouldn't mean they can't enjoy the party! Make sure you are accommodating to all your staff by having non-alcoholic options available as well as gluten-free options like cider.

8.Make it KNOWN

Our Director of First Impressions Nancy Goodchild is also our social coordinator. She lets everyone at the brewery know about our staff parties through entertaining all-staff emails (like the one above) as well as vibrant flyers placed in high traffic areas such as our break room, exits and washrooms to make sure everyone is in the know.

9. Celebrate the big and little things

We love a good party here at GBF HQ and use any opportunity to throw a party! From regular parties celebrating all the people born in that month, to our end of summer party on Toronto Island. We celebrate baby showers, engagement parties and have even hosted grooms-showers (yes that's a thing). It means a lot to come together and celebrate our co-workers milestones.

10. Have a plan for people to get home

Weither it's taxi chits, Uber pools or public transportation, as a host it's your responsibility to make sure everyone finds a safe way home and leaves their car (and bike) at work. Catch people on their way out and confirm that they have found a safe ride home. There you have it, our best tips on how to throw down an office party like a Good Beer Folk!

Posted on August 28 2015, By: Steam Whistle


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