Steam Whistle's 2021 Retro Bottle Opener

Available for a limited time in 6-packs of Steam Whistle. Get our 2021 retro bottle opener - a replica of our legendary green bottle.

This year's iconic retro bottle opener is not just a celebration of our flagship beer in the iconic green bottle - it's a sign of our commitment to green practices for years to come. After all, if there's anything the world has shown us recently, it's that the future needs to be green.

Available for a limited time in 6-packs bottled Steam Whistle at the Beer Store or for Home Delivery, our 2021 retro opener is a replica of our legendary green bottle.  We're proud of our bottle, and not just because it's the vessel of Canada's premium pilsner. Our green bottle is also a sign of what's possible when you combine passion and innovation. 

Clean & Green: Meet Steam Whistle's 2021 Retro Bottle Opener

Our bottles are a response to the anthropocene: the time when human activity has had a major effect on our planet and its ecosystems. Each bottle is made with 33% more glass than the industry standard and can be reused up to 45 times - three times longer than the standard industry brown bottle. 

The result is a more sustainable approach to doing business - and for us, it doesn't stop there. We recycle every element from our packaging line, from broken glass to old bottle caps, cardboard cartons to aluminum cans, scrap metal to shrink wrap. Even "spent grain" is sent to farmers to be used in animal feed. 

What's more, our entire brewery is Bullfrog Powered, so 100% of our electricity is from clean, renewable energy. You can learn more about our green initiatives here

In the meantime, don't forget to pick up a 6-pack of bottled Steam Whistle, complete with our iconic 2021 opener! Available at participating Beer Stores for a limited time or for Home Delivery.

Posted on July 28 2021, By: Steam Whistle


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