7 Steps On How To Survive The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

Our best tips for surviving Steam Whistle's Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Fest, from what to wear, eat and how to pace yourself!


1) Dress warm! How prepared you are temperature-wise will directly impact the time you have at Steam Whistle's Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival. Don, your wackiest retro-ski gear and don't be afraid of looking ridiculous.

While we're on the subject of game changing outer wear that brings us to our next point...

2) Wear touchscreen glove-liners. For anyone on Untappd, Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest provides an opportunity to earn badges with over a hundred varieties of Ontario craft beer available to taste. Touchscreen gloves also mean you can snap your #RHCBF Instagramable moments without risking frostbite.

3) Plan your attack in advance. Check out our full list of participating craft brewers, cideries and distilleries here. When tasting beer it is generally recommended to work your way up to the highest IBU's. That means if your first beer is a double IPA you're going to overwhelm your taste buds right outta' the gate. We recommend starting with something lighter both in hop and malt profile and working your way up to the heavy hitters.

4) Satisfy hunger first before your thirst - You'll want to eat a hearty breakfast to soak up all the delicious craft beer you'll enjoy. Ensure you're snacking often throughout the day and sampling eats from the many local food trucks participating along with oysters, meat pies and German-inspired fare from our Biergarten.

5) Pace yourself - Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest is a marathon not a race. Although it may be tempting to warm up with higher ABV brews, make sure you are taking time to taste and appreciate as well as alternating with sessionable offerings so you can last all day.

6) Don't forget to hydrate - A good rule to keep your wits about you is equal parts water to beer. Make sure to hit up our two water stations regularly throughout the day.

7) Keep moving - we've got a number of games and activities on site to keep people moving throughout the day. Not to mention our outdoor DJ dance party which turns into the biggest après ski dance party Toronto has ever seen.

If you haven't bought tickets yet or need more details on the event, visit www.craftbeerfest.ca

See you there!


Posted on February 23 2022, By: Steam Whistle


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