From Beer to Bikes: Entrepreneurship runs in the Steam Whistle family

Learn more about Toronto e-bike startup, Beachman Motor Company and their connection to Steam Whistle Brewing.

Today, Ben Taylor is co-founder of Beachman Motor Company, a Toronto-based venture making waves in the fast-growing E-bike industry. His entrepreneurship story starts nearly a decade earlier when Ben was attending University in Vancouver while working part-time for Steam Whistle Brewing at samplings and events. He was captivated by the spawning EV industry in BC but at the time was driving an inexpensive - albeit un-stylish moped that suited his budget and lifestyle.

That's when his dream of running his own company started, with a vision to marry iconic 60's design with cutting-edge modern technology. After a couple of years of planning, Ben launched Beachman in 2021 with Co-founder Steve Payne, via a successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Their flagship product, the Beachman '64 is a vintage-style e-bike & motorcycle platform that looks like a Steve McQueen original but rides with the quality and sophisticated technology of today's e-bikes. The pair began initially importing their custom bikes from overseas, offering test drives and service from a Junction retail store. But this year, Beachman began assembling in Canada at an expanded manufacturing space close to their original location.

Ben had grown up hearing about the business side of Steam Whistle, from its startup in 1999 through its ascent to Canada's leading independent craft brand today. His parents - Brewery Co-founder and CEO, Greg and Steam Whistle's first employee and early marketing lead, Sybil - shared their passionate tales of entrepreneurship around the dinner table.

"I couldn't have asked for a better business education than listening to my parents talk about their challenges and victories my whole life. They clearly received so much joy from creating something special for their employees and customers, and this was real inspiration for me," says Ben, over the phone from his Junction headquarters. "Greg and Sybil have been huge mentors to me through our first three years - not just in understanding their strategies and tactics, but in witnessing their strong values and collaborative partnership. I learned some big lessons from them."

“We couldn’t be prouder!” beams Greg. “It’s very rewarding to see your kids thrive. And it’s a real bonus that our two companies can work together.”

To celebrate this homegrown alliance, Beachman created this Steam Whistle-branded motorbike, with inspiration taken from Steam Whistles own Vintage Fleet! The special brewery-themed ride is currently on display at The Roundhouse and will be awarded in a contest to customers later this year. Stay Tuned!

To learn more about Beachman Motor Company or to take a test drive, visit or email

Posted on June 06 2023, By: Steam Whistle

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  • Anna Docherty

    Anna Docherty

    May 16, 2024

    Wow, what an amazing collaboration. It’s amazing to see two iconic Canadian brands come together like this! The Beachman’s innovative electric bikes and Steam Whistle’s legendary brews truly represent the best of Canadian ingenuity and tradition. What a perfect match! 🇨🇦🏍️🍻

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