Steam Whistle Brewing Ownership Announcement



Recently beer lovers have been asking us if we plan on selling our Brewery. Well, here's the story.
In 1998 we walked up to the vacant John St. Roundhouse and began to realize a dream. We saw a cathedral of beer, where we would establish a craft brewery for all Canadians. A place where we would dedicate our efforts to perfecting a single most difficult style of beer.
An original craft Pilsner to rival the best the world has to offer.
A home where our family, the Good Beer folks, would celebrate brewing, culture and art together as part of our community. 15 years later we remain deeply committed to this goal and are happy to be sharing our passion across this great country. In time we will pass our torch, but only to those who have shared this journey and carried our hopes and dreams.
So folks, the answer is this:
We will remain independent.
We will be authentically Canadian.
But most importantly, we will do what you expect of us.
We will stay true.
- Greg Taylor & Cam Heaps, Steam Whistle co-founders.  

Posted on November 26 2015, By: Steam Whistle


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