Sled Island Spotlight: Messthetics

Messthetics and their modern jazz punk sound is the focuse of this Sled Island Spotlight. Catch them and their great blend of sound at this festival.

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June 17, 2019

Listening to Messthetics has been described as “listening in on old friends shootin’ the shit.” That is to say that the modern jazz-punk band’s music is more reminiscent of an impromptu jam session than a pre-recorded track. This is not to suggest that the group lacks technicality, but more to describe the artistic flow of their music. Messthetics creates a carefree, effortless, yet highly skilled sound in every song.

Two members of the Messethics trio were formerly part of the rhythm section of the late 80s band Fugazi. Drummer Brendan Canty and Bassist Joe Lally had a special creative chemistry that intensified when the two played together. After Fugazi broke up and the two went their separate ways, they reconnected and decided to play together. They joined forces with another talented instrumentalist: guitarist Anthony Pirog. They began writing songs through freely flowing trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. Each track begins with a baseline structure, designed to inspire the kind of improvisation found in all great jazz music.

By March of 2018, the trio was ready to release their first album entitled The Messthetics. This album received positive reviews all around. The National Public Radio wrote, “Taken as a whole, The Messthetics breathes and swims organically, a mini-symphony of telepathic, extemporaneous interplay between three modestly masterful musicians, a work that relocates the mind and brushes the soul while moving the body.” The Messthetics is available on Spotify and Apple Music where it has already attracted thousands of fans already.

While listening to the album in your car or through headphones is one way to immerse yourself in The Messthetic’s cathartic masterpiece, seeing their live show is an even better way.

Catch them in real time, together with the musicians at the 12th annual Sled Island Music and Arts Festival alongside other talented artists of their kind. The festival attracts musicians of all genres and artists of all styles to Calgary, Alberta. It’s a truly transformative experience that you do not want to miss out on.  We’ll be there as the proud featured sponsor, and (of course!) super fans!

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