6 Steps To Planning The Perfect Backyard BBQ

The season of grilling and entertaining is here! Bring on the beer, barbeque and backyard entertaining.

Planning parties is our passion at Steam Whistle (after Pilsner of course) and we’ve put together 6 tips on how to elevate the humble BBQ to an event that would fill even Martha Stewart with pride.

#1 Prep

The more tasks you can take care of the night before the smoother your barbeque will go on the day of. Mixed grill is always a crowd pleaser so get your various proteins marinating in the fridge (the longer the better) and chop everything you can the day before. If you’re making a signature cocktail, mix the non-carbonated ingredients so when your guests arrive you just need to add soda or ice.

#2 Calculating Beer per Person

Everyone knows beer is the MVP of any outdoor gathering. Here’s our formula for events where there is no wine or cocktails being served. Assume at least 1 beer per person per hour will be consumed

(Hours) x (people) = NUMBER OF BEER

It’s always wise to err on the side of caution and have a couple extra cases on hand – keeping in mind that if your BBQ is on a holiday you won’t be able to make an emergency re-stock. If you’re hosting a barbeque in Toronto, give our home beer delivery service a call.  We’ll bring the beer (kegs, bottles or cans) cups and even ice and a trough to serve it from.

It’s always considerate to have cider options for the gluten intolerent and non alcoholic drink options too.

#3 Decorate your Space

The beauty of a barbeque is the casual vibe so no need to go overboard with décor. Less is more in this case and rustic touches like Mason jar lanterns, driftwood and fresh foliage will complement any out-of-doors space.

The Hudson’s Bay Collection + Steam Whistle barware set will bring a sense of iconic Canadiana pride to any social gathering. The collection ranges from openers, coasters, crystal glasses and a cooler that’s show-stoppingly beautiful enough to use as a centerpiece on the table (and makes sure a cold beer is always within reach).

#4 Chill your beer FAST

Scenario: Your guests start arriving and you notice that the beer is still room temperature. Here’s a life-hack shortcut on how to cool beer down in 2-3 minutes flat. All you need is ice, water and salt.

  1. Place your beer bottles and/or cans into a large bowl, bucket, or even the kitchen sink and cover with ice.
  2. Jiggle the beer bottles/cans every couple minutes.
  3. Add water to the mix to decrease the cooling time
  4. Mix 1 cup of salt (rock or granulated) for every 3 pounds of ice to reduce melting temperature of the ice and cool your beer in 2-3 minutes
  5. Distract guests with sparkling conversation
  6. Mix well
  7. Rinse all cans and bottles thoroughly before serving

#5 Have a little Something for Everyone

When hosting a barbeque although the meat takes centre stage, you’ll also want to consider all protein options so you don’t leave any guests with dietary restrictions out.

Cedar plank salmon could make a lovely addition for those who don’t eat red meat and a plant-based veggie burger or portabello mushroom cap can be so good it might bring carnivores to the other side.

Any barbeque lover knows that side dishes are the unsung hero of a Backyard BBQ. Take your corn on the cob to the next level by sprinkling some chili, lime and feta before serving. Add a rich meaty flavor to purple cabbage by throwing it on the grill a-top a beer can and glazing it with BBQ sauce. Consider modern updates to traditional classics.

#6 Everyone Loves a Doggy Bag

Even adults love being sent home with a goody bag! Pick up some biodegradable take out containers so you can send your guests home with some delicious BBQ and make sure your fridge doesn’t get taken over by leftovers.

There you have it, our 6 BBQ planning tips! Just make sure to include us on your invite list.

Posted on May 05 2017, By: Steam Whistle


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