Steam Whistle's Guardians Of Quality

Our Guardians of Quality help ensure quality & freshness in every sip of Steam Whistle pilsner you drink. Cheers!

Since we opened in the year 2000, Steam Whistle Brewing has been employing a small army of technicians who have been defying gravity with their draught installations and combating the forces of aging & microbiology to ensure that every pint, bottle or can of Steam Whistle Pilsner served to drinkers is top-notch.


Our Guardians of Quality (formerly known as TEAM CLEAN) have more than 3 decades of combined expertise handling the intricacies of draught dispense systems, whether installation, repair or maintenance. Members of the team were sent to Micro Matic’s Dispense Institute near Chicago for professional certification – Micro Matic being the recognized leading global supplier of draft dispense systems in over 120 countries, working since 1953 to deliver quality, engineered equipment and technical know-how to the beer industry. We take draught seriously!

Going Above and Beyond … to be sure our beer tastes brewery-fresh!

Team Clean (a.k.a. Guardians of Quality) - members and their work horses over the years.

Next time you are enjoying a Steam Whistle Pilsner at home or out on the town, do your own freshness check by looking for our date code on pack.

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Freshness & Quality matter!

Posted on March 24 2017, By: Steam Whistle


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