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Raise a Glass To Women in The Industry

From Master Blenders to Head Brewers, women are making an impact in the world of wine, beer and spirits. On International Women’s Day, the LCBO put these trailblazers in the...

From Master Blenders to Head Brewers, women are making an impact in the world of wine, beer and spirits. On International Women's Day, the LCBO put these trailblazers in the spotlight to celebrate their talents. One of these women, included Steam Whistle's Brewmaster, Erica McOustra.

Erica McOustra was promoted to Brewmaster in June of 2020, earning this honour after a decade at Steam Whistle. Previously Erica was Head Brewer - working alongside our two previous Czech Brewmasters. A credentialed Brewmaster, Erica received her education at the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt fur Brauerei (VLB) Beer Institute in Berlin, Germany. This renowned technical research institute offers full degree and post-graduate certificates in brewing to domestic and international students. The quality-focused curriculum is steeped in German brewing traditions, including rigour and discipline with a strong orientation to Lager brewing. The institute is also at the forefront of technology, utilized to elevate quality and gain process efficiencies. Erica brings this training and experience to her leadership in crafting Canada's Premium Beer.

My brewing philosophy includes an appreciation for brewing traditions while adopting a continuous improvement mindset - always driving quality forward. By understanding and utilizing all the tools at hand - ingredients, laboratory testing, the diversity of the brewing team, and equipment - we make small tweaks to the process to have pronounced impacts on the final aroma and flavour of the beer. The thoughtful combination of all these factors will showcase the best of each ingredient in our pilsner.

Erica McOustra

Virtual Event

Four industry-leading women makers host a special roundtable, providing inspiration from the beer, wine and spirits worlds for making impactful choices. Steam Whistle brewmaster Erica McOustra, Tawse winemaker Jessica Otting, sommelier and co-founder of Vinequity Debbie Shing, and Appleton Estate master blender Joy Spence will reveal their own journeys and discuss diversity in the drinks industry.

March 8, 7:00 EST p.m
Watch the LCBO Virtual Event
Meet all the Women Makers in the industry

Posted on March 07 2022, By: Steam Whistle


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