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Water is the single most important ingredient in beer, accounting for 92% of every bottle, and is used in each step of the brewing and packaging process. We brew with Canadian water from a single source and utilize a multi-step filtration system to ensure Steam Whistle Pilsner is always of the same consistent high quality. This filtration system is efficient and environmentally friendly while providing the finest possible water suited to brewing the Pilsner style of beer. 

Select Malted Barley 

We use only Golden Two Row Barley from Saskatchewan. This beautiful grain is distinguished by its superior harvest and celebrated around the world as one of Canada’s finest exports.

Select Hops

This delicate cone flower brings in the spice of beer. To brew truly authentic tasting beer, we have sourced fine Czech and Bavarian hops. These hops create balance in our beer and produce the pleasant aromas and bitterness.


Our beer is brewed using bottom-fermented lager yeast from Hungary. Having the right yeast makes all the difference in the finished product of any beer.


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Our Commitment to brewing pure craft beer

Steam Whistle is one of the only remaining breweries in the world that still adheres to the strict standards of the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516. We brew using only pure spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

Master Brewer Profile

Our Brew Master Erica McOustra is a nine year veteran of the Steam Whistle family and the leader of our fearless team of brewing professionals. She's the brains and taste buds behind our award-winning beers. It's her job to make sure that everything that goes into our beer is of the best quality, to make the best brew.

Traditional European Brewing Techniques

Our Pilsner uses decoction mashing, a traditionally European brewing method for lagers, which accentuates the malt flavours. The decoction method involves transferring 2/3 of the mash (the mixture of carefully crushed grain and hot water) into a separate vessel, followed by boiling the remaining 1/3 to develop rich caramel notes, and then recombining them together to reach mash-out temperature, thus stopping further enzyme action. We also follow rules of the Reinheitsgebot: the Bavarian Purity Law from 1516 which only permits barley, hops, water, and yeast in the production of beer.


We do not pasteurize any of our beers at Steam Whistle. The pasteurization process can increase shelf life in beer, but also accelerate the staling of beer due to the application of heat increasing the rate of chemical changes in the product. We strive hard to avoid oxygen pick-up throughout the brewing process, and all these efforts can be more quickly reversed with these chemical changes, contributing to “papery” notes in the beer. We avoid pasteurization as it can also strip away flavour, aroma and body in the beer. Our beers are made with only 4 ingredients, no additives or preservatives, and are sterile filtered to prolong shelf life.


The decoction method is more time consuming than the infusion mashing method that is more regularly used in the brewing industry. Our dedication to process is a nod to tradition and craft techniques. Pilsner is aged for a minimum of 25 days. This ageing refines the beer, allowing the yeast in suspension to clean up any potential off-flavours, permitting desirable flavours to mature and flourish, creating a smooth and highly drinkable lager. During the fermentation process, yeast utilizes the sugars in the wort (the sweet liquid made in the brewhouse before it is fermented to become beer) to create alcohol, and carbon dioxide is also made as a by-product. We seal up our tanks at a very specific time during fermentation to retain this carbon dioxide so that it dissolves into the beer to give us lovely long-lasting small bubbles that is characteristic of natural carbonation.

Imported European Equipment

At Steam Whistle we have two brewhouses – one 75hL and one 125hL – both of which have been imported from Europe (Czech Republic and Germany), where equipment is designed to specialize in traditional techniques. Throughout our brewing and packaging processes, we work with established European vendors with proven engineering excellence, and efficiency in energy and water usage. Our state of the art facilities allow us to produce high quality and highly consistent beers for our customers.

Clean, Renewable Energy (bullfrog powered)

For over twelve years, Steam Whistle has partnered with Bullfrog Power that helps provide our facilities with 100% clean, renewable energy. Bullfrog Power helps us ensure every speck of electricity we use is coming from green sources like wind and low-impact hydro power from EcoLogo certified energy facilities, because sustainable companies are our pals.

Home Delivery

Steam Whistle has started a free beer delivery service where our own staff will deliver our premium beers right to your doorstep! As long as you’re the legal drinking age (19+) and order a minimum quantity of cans or beers (see page for details), Steam Whistle will deliver straight to your home FOR FREE, giving you the ability to de-stress in a way that doesn’t put anyone’s health at risk.

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Why we use thicker glass bottles

Our unique green glass bottle is made with 30% more glass. This means the same bottle can potentially be washed, inspected and refilled more than 45 times — about three times as many as the industry standard brown bottle. Our painted logo not only saves trees from becoming label paper, but also eliminates ink, varnish and glue from contaminating the water drained from our bottle washer. Additionally, just like European import beers, we use a pry off cap that provides a superior seal ensuring your beer tastes as fresh as the day it left the Roundhouse.


Our Retro Delivery Fleet

Inspired by Steam Whistle Co-founder, Greg Taylor’s life long passion of cars, we own a fleet of Steam Whistle branded vintage vehicles. These automobiles range from pickup trucks and vans to a refurbished Milk Delivery car. Over the years these vehicles have been seen at local events, or used for beer delivery across the country. 

Steam Machine
Retro Electro
The Party Bus
Steam Weaver

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