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Our Founding Story

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The Steam Whistle story begins in the spring of 1998 with three friends on a canoe trip through Ontario’s beautiful heartland.

Greg Taylor, Cam Heaps and Greg Cromwell had been colleagues at one of Canada's premier microbreweries in the late 1980's and 90's, before it was bought out by a national brewer and closed down, like so many of Ontario’s independent breweries. As they sat around the campfire, the self-named "Three Fired Guys" dreamed of running their own brewery one day—one that would make a Pilsner to compete with the best in the world.

Over the past two decades, Steam Whistle has grown from a dream hatched by the fireside into one of Canada’s largest and most beloved independent breweries. But our Founders’ vision of creating a Pilsner Canadians can be proud of is still the driving force behind why we show up every day.

The Good Beer Folks

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What began as the dream of “Three Fired Guys” has grown into a family of dedicated beer-lovers who all work hard to make the best Pilsner in Canada.

The Steam Whistle staff are known affectionately as The Good Beer Folks, and they’ve become the anchors of the Steam Whistle experience. So whether you visit us at our home at The Roundhouse or take part in one of hundreds of community events sponsored by us, we hope to greet you with a smile and raise a hearty “cheers” with you.

Our Brewery: The Roundhouse

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Our Pilsner is brewed at the historic John Street Roundhouse, in the heart of Toronto, near the base of the CN Tower.

The Roundhouse once served as the Canadian Pacific Rail company’s steam locomotive repair facility, powering the trains that helped pioneer this nation.

Today it’s writing a new chapter of Canada’s history as the home of Steam Whistle, named for the inspirational sounds of steam rushing from factory whistles, signalling the end of a fulfilling workday and a time for reward.

Vintage Vehicles

Retro Electro
Steam Machine
Steam Weaver
The Party Bus

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