What How You Drink Beer Says About You

Pint glass, tallboy or bottle? Take this beer quiz to find out how what you prefer to drink beer from says about your personality!

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March 24, 2020

What does your favourite way of drinking beer say about you? Choose your preferred way of drinking beer in our poll below!

Glass Bottle

You’re the definition of low-maintenance sophistication. You’ve mastered the art of being cool, without being pretentious, and confident, without being arrogant.

Tall Can

The tall can is the mullet of the beer-drinking experience: party and business rolled into one. You’re confident and know how to get things done–but you also know how to let loose and party like a champ.

Small Can

You’re all about economy. You don’t mince words or throw out leftovers. You pride yourself on being a straight-shooter. People who like you end up loving you. People who don’t can go suck a lemon.

Pint Glass

You’re classic, studious and put extra effort into just about everything. Opting for a clear glass for your drinking pleasure is a reflection of the transparency you value in your relationships too.

Glass Stein

You’re old school to the core, but you often harbour pretty revolutionary ideas. Merry by nature and always up for a good time, expect the unexpected is your motto. Be prepared is your creed. Who’s up for another round is your catch-phrase.