Catering Spotlight: Oliver & Bonacini Catering

Founded in 1993 by Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini, Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality is now recognized as one of Canada’s leading restaurant and event groups. O&B’s diverse portfolio currently includes a collection of unique and innovative restaurants, an in-house bakery, and catering services.

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April 17, 2019

This month we spoke to Oliver & Bonacini Catering about some of the awesome and unique dishes they whip up for their clients. Oliver & Bonacini Catering offers a variety of direct-to-venue catering services, featuring a diverse selection of plated and reception-style menus to suit every corporate or social need. Drawing on their chefs’ expertly crafted, freshly prepared seasonal dishes, their dedicated event specialists will work with clients to custom-design a menu that perfectly suits their client’s needs, budget and event vision.

Photo via Oliver & Bonacini

O&B offers an extensive selection of plated and reception-style menus that are perfect for any occasion—from weddings and social celebrations, to corporate events and more. When it comes to planning your next off-site event, O&B’s extensive catering experience, paired with stand-out food and service, is something you can rely on.

Photo via Oliver & Bonacini

What are some of your most popular appetizers?

Fried Truffle Mac & Cheese

Gaucho Empanadas with chimichurri

Smoked Salmon with crème fraiche and chervil on a sweet pea pancake

Photo via Oliver & Bonacini

What’s a fun option you offer for guests looking for a unique experience?

Salad station: “Is a creative and farmer’s market inspired station, featuring an array of fresh, bright and colourful produce.”

S’mores station: “All the comfort of traditional s’mores but without the mess and work of a campfire. A true Canadian treat!”

Photo via Oliver & Bonacini

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