Celebrate Oktoberfest at Steam Whistle

Channel your inner German and celebrate Oktoberfest at the Roundhouse! With fresh beer and traditional German fare provided by the Food Dudes.

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September 13, 2021

The arrival of Autumn brings with it the cool crisp promise of cool, crisp brews. We’re talking about Oktoberfest–an opportunity to bust out your lederhosen, stuff your face with pretzels, down a few beers and celebrate all things German. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have Bavarian roots: all are welcome to join the festivities that rock the globe the last weekend of each September. Spare yourself the expense of a plane ticket and forgo joining the 7 million attendees that flock to Munich’s Wiesen, where the tradition started.  In nearly every corner of the world and on every scale, there are Oktoberfest celebrations to be had.

Here in Toronto, Canada, we invite you to join us at Steam Whistle’s Biergarten on September 18th, 2021 for a traditional German experience. Live traditional Oktoberfest music by the one and only Happy Wonderers. Incredible beer, food, and company. Prizes for the best dressed and contests throughout with some epic Steam Whistle prizes.

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Just like our beer, we like to keep things simple. We can’t think of a better way to spend Oktoberfest: delicious German food and European inspired beer in our Biergarten.  

What is Oktoberfest?

Let us harken back to October 10th, 1810, when a giant festival was thrown in honour of the Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria marrying the beautiful Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The celebration ran for five days, and all the citizens of Munich were invited. Naturally, like any gathering, there was plenty of food and beer as well as music, parades, shooting displays and grand horse race to wrap up the five days of merriment. 

The horse race was such a hit it gave rise to Oktoberfest. 

The Celebration of Local, Pure Beer

One of the most significant things to come out of Oktoberfest is the celebration of local breweries. In fact, if you travel to the Motherland, you won’t find much selection in the way of beers. What we consider ‘domestics’ won’t be on tap. Your options are limited to a select few local brews that have to pass the German Beer Purity Test, called the ‘Reinheitsgebot.’ This is the predecessor to The Bavarian Purity Act (that Steam Whistle is compliant too). 

If you want to honour the beers you’d find at the real Oktoberfest, Steam Whistle is a great local choice. And, just another reason to add Steam Whistle to your Oktoberfest checklist.

Authentic beer experience.

Dress Code

Every occasion has a dress code, Oktoberfest is the time to invest in or dust off your lederhosen or Dirndl. Lederhosen are knee-length leather britches while Dirndl’s are a Bavarian dress with a full skirt, bodice and apron. This is exactly the type of clothing you can expect to see on the streets of Toronto or in Munich during Oktoberfest.

Have Fun. Be Safe.

If you’re planning on attending our Oktoberfest celebrations or visiting the brewery, don’t forget to follow all COVID-19 guidelines! Steam Whistle connects people. Whether it’s by enjoying pints during our brewery tours, visiting the incomparable Biergärten restaurant and Tap Room, or hosting amazing events in any of our 5 event spaces at the iconic Roundhouse. The safety of our staff, guests and visitors is paramount which is why we continue to exceed government guidelines for hosting small and large gatherings. You can count on the Good Beer Folk to do everything we can to ensure a seamless and safe experience.

Steam Whistle’s Bavarian Roots

At Steam Whistle we are proud of our Bavarian roots. Why else would we have a Biergarten? At Steam Whistle’s Biergarten we aim to deliver an authentic experience that evokes memories of the Motherland. With inspiration from Munich’s reputable Biergartens and Bierhalls, authentic German food (with options to suit all dietary needs) and of course, our legendary Steam Whistle pilsner. 

We like to think our Biergarten is European Inspired but, Recognizably Canadian. And what better place to raise a pint of Steam Whistle this Oktoberfest at our Biergärten?

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