Good Beer Folk: Kaliroy Petropoulos

Learn more about Packaging Floor Supervisor, Kaliroy Petropoulos!

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June 25, 2021

Here at the brewery we have a fantastic team of hardworking individuals who we like to call, Good Beer Folks. Our GBF work around the clock to ensure our delicious beer gets to your local retailer, your fridge and of course, your favourite pubs and restaurants. Just like you would imagine, our GBF work hard and play even harder. Learn more about rock star employee, Kaliroy (but you can call her Kali), and all the interesting things she has to share about her 10 years working at Steam Whistle.

How long have you been apart of the Steam Whistle/GBF family?

Come September it’ll be 10 years for me!!

What is your position at Steam Whistle?

Currently I am the Packaging Floor Supervisor

Can you describe your role?

I make sure all Packaging lines are running to meet the pack requests, build the staff schedule weekly, make sure the brewery is nice and clean, operate machines, occasionally drive the forklift, and much more! I’m pretty much all over the place!

What’s one of your favourite milestones at Steam Whistle that you’ve been a part of?

After working at Steam Whistle for 5 years they take you to Oktoberfest in Germany and to the Czech Republic to visit different breweries. So, 2 weeks before my wedding (at Steam Whistle of course) I got to go on that trip and oh my God it was such an amazing experience and the most beer I’ve ever drank in my life!

Is there a piece of Steam Whistle history that makes you extremely proud to work here? (whether you were around or not when it happened)

Just working and attending all the different parties that Steam Whistle holds is a pretty epic experience! That and when we celebrated the company’s 15 years of business was great!

If you had to choose, what would be your favourite aspect about working at Steam Whistle?

I’m going to be that person and say all the incredible people I’ve had the pleasure of working with (past and present) and met along the way.

What is a Steam Whistle initiative that means a lot to you?

Working on the bottling line, I have to say the bottles. It’s so great that we can reuse them so many times because of the thickness of glass but also the painted-on label which all helps to reduce our waste. That being said, sometimes our customers like leaving us notes and surprises when they return their bottles and that always makes our day!

Is it true when people say the Steam Whistle culture is contagious?

There’s a reason why people have gotten their friends and family members jobs here. Hell, my brother got me this job and we’re both still here.

Where is your favourite place to enjoy a Steam Whistle?

Definitely the patio at the Roundhouse! But due to COVID, my backyard will have to do for now.

What is one word you would use to describe your work experience with Steam Whistle?


Sounds of Steam Whistle Playlist

  1. What song gets you on the dance floor? Usher – Yeah!
  2. What song reminds you of your youth? Spice Girls – Wannabe
  3. What’s a song that was played at your first concert? Backstreet Boys – I want it that way
  4. What’s your favourite cover? The Fugees – Killin me softly
  5. A guilty pleasure? Carly Rae Jepsen – Call me maybe
  6. It’s Friday night, your friends are over getting ready to go out, what’s your pre-game song? T-Pain – Low
  7. Go to karaoke song? Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
  8. What song is on highest rotation for you right now? Jason Derulo – Take you Dancing