The Essential Golf Checklist For Your Next Golf Trip

To ensure you have all the essentials for your next golf trip look no further than our essentials checklist. From tees to clothing we have you covered.

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Golf trips can easily go sideways if you’re not prepared, which is why your good beer folk have put together a list of the golf essentials so that you’re in the green next time you head out for a day on the links. You don’t have to play at elite-level to find these golf tips useful: we’ve prepared them for all players, of all skill-sets, whether you’re a chronic worm burner or a total pro. From easy-to-locate balls to the right clothing to wear, we’ve got you covered because there are no mulligans when it comes to packing for golf trips.  

1. High Visibility Golf Balls

Steam Whistle Volvik Golf Balls – $10.95

There’s nothing like buying a slew of expensive golf balls only to lose them on your first few rounds. Or even worse, you hit the perfect shot, but can’t track the ball’s movement in the bright sun and miss the satisfaction of seeing where it lands. High visibility golf balls are designed the exact same as regular golf balls, except for their bright, distinctive colours so that you can see them much more easily than the white versions. No matter the weather conditions, high visibility golf balls can help you track, spot and locate your ball right away—wasting less time on searching, and leaving more time for golfing (and maybe drinking a nice cold brew). We’re extra partial to these neon green golf balls for golf trips, not least because they go with our favourite green beer bottle. It’s fashion and function at it’s finest!

2. Hat and Sunscreen

Steam Whistle New Era Snapback – $34.95

Golf trips have been known to end early due to sunstroke; after all, playing in the hot sun all day long can leave you with nasty sunburns. Make sure you pack your favourite sweat-proof sunscreen to shield your skin as well as a hat to protect your scalp and give you some much needed shade (all the better to see the course with!). This structured snapback has a stylish flat bill and fits all sizes, plus the bright summery hues works well with the style palette of golf trips.  

3. Divot Tool and Ball Marker

Divot Tool & Ball Marker – $9.95

Like any responsible golfer, you’ve probably already got your trusty divot tool and ball marker packed. But just in case, make sure you have them in your golf equipment since golf courses and other players can rightfully make a complaint against you if you’re not using them. This two-in-one set makes it easy to keep both golf essentials on you at all times,  and the stylish design of both is hard to resist for the avid golfer that’s sick of using the same tired equipment as his or her fellow golfers.

4. Cooler Bag

A golf day essential, the cooler bag needs no explanation. Warm beers have no place on the golf course, so an insulated cooler is an absolute must-have when it comes to golf trips if the course doesn’t provide one. This stylish cooler is easy to carry and subtle enough in case you don’t want to advertise it (although, with the super cool Steam Whistle logo, why wouldn’t you?). Make sure you pack it for your golf trips because every golfer deserves a cold beer after a great round.  

5. Golf Clothing

Nike Dri-Fit Golf – $64.95

There’s a reason golfers have a distinctive style of dressing. They need to keep cool and light on the course, as well as maintain full flexibility and ease of motion. Your standard cotton clothes aren’t cutting it, so proper golf wear is absolutely one of your top golf essentials. A dry-fit shirt like this one helps you last round after round, so you can stay calm, cool, and collected long after your golf buddies are feeling the heat.

6. GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S20 GPS Watch – $269.99 (via GolfTown)

Golf might feel like a vacation, but it’s actually fantastic exercise. A GPS watch like the Garmin or a golf app for your Apple/Android watch is an essential part of your golf equipment because they help you track everything from your shots, your score and even your distance to the pin.

Your Favourite Pilsner!

Of course, don’t forget your favourite pilsner for your next golf day! After all, if a hole-in-one isn’t immediately followed by cracking a cold one, did it even happen?