Steam Whistle's Father's Day Gift Pack

5 Refreshing Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2021

Find the perfect gift for beer-loving Dads this Father’s day! Checkout out the top picks from Steam Whistle Brewing this summer.

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June 15, 2021

We’ve prepared a list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas from Steam Whistle Brewing, especially for Dad’s who love beer! When it comes to good ol’ Pops, there are a few truths you can count on. One, he will forget the name of the person you’re dating for the entire first year you’re together. Two, his garage looks like a half-excavated bomb site but he can lay his hand on a wrench in 2.9 seconds. And three, he enjoys some downtime with his favourite people and his favourite drink.

2021 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. The Father’s Day Gift Pack

Steam Whistle's Father's Day Gift Pack

Price: $49.90 (tax included)

This handy little number includes a Steam Whistle Cooler backpack, BBQ apron, key chain, speed opener, two pint glasses, and two cans of Pilsner. Put these goodies in the backpack and have him pull them out like it’s a stocking. A really cool summer stocking full of deliciousness and tools. 

As if that’s not enough, we’re even throwing in $10 to spend at the Steam Whistle Biergärten! This one’s ideal for the “pick up ‘n’ go” kind of beer lover. Take it down to the dock or out bobbing in the boat. 

Where to get it:

2. Biergärten Craft Beer Crate

Steam Whistle Biergarten Craft Beer Crate

Price: $99.95 (tax included)

Want to up the ante? Go with the crate! Great Lakes Brewery has curated this lineup of tasty beers for the Craft Beer Crate VOL.5. You can expect some of their great products as well as selections from breweries that inspire them. 

We like this gift idea for the sheer size of it. When everyone else is skulking in with their six-packs, your dad will be the one hauling a giant milk crate filled with beer into the room. Help him be that guy. 

This awesome Father’s Day gift idea also includes a food selection: Pretzel Kit or Sausage Kit, complete with delectable mustards.

Where to get it:

3. Biergärten Pizza

Steam Whistle Biergarten Pepperoni Pizza

Price: 12.95 each (tax included)

Let Dad know you’re taking care of dinner! Available in three mouthwatering options, including margarita pizza, fennel pizza and classic, ooey-gooey pepperoni pizza, our marketplace Biergärten Pizzas have made it possible for people to bring a slice of our famous Biergärten home with them. 

Where to get it:

4. The 1L Glass Beer Stein

Steam Whistle 1L Glass Beer Stein

Price: $12.90 

For the ballingest of ballers. Nobody’s going to mess with you when you’re holding this stein. Made from solid, mottled glass that keeps your premium pilsner cooler, longer. It’s just heavy enough to make a satisfying ka-chunk on the table. Best of all it saves at least a dozen trips to the fridge each week. Time is money, after all. 

Where to get it:

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5. Denim Button Up Shirt

Steam Whistle Denim Button-Up

Price: $59.90 

A classic Dad button up. This shirt is made from soft, breathable cotton to keep you cool on hot days and warm enough when the night brings a chill. Perfect for Dad who’s always trying to keep up with the cool kids. Or hey, maybe he’s actually cool, who knows? 

Where to get it:

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The Best Father’s Day Gift Idea: Spending Time Together!

At the end of the day, all Dads want the same thing: to spend some time with you. So pick up some beers or a shirt or a tour pass. Whatever you choose will be great because you’ll be heading to Pop’s with some love and some hops.