Steam Whistle Makes a Surprise Appearence at New Zealand Wedding

Toronto based photographer, Christina Stirpe, recently tagged us on Facebook in a wonderful photo we couldn’t ignore. Learn more about a wonderful couple from New Zealand who fell in love with the city of Toronto and paid tribute to some of their favourite things from the 6ix in their special day, including a few cans of Steam Whistle

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Sarah and Logan, both from New Zealand, met in 2013 and decided to take a leap of faith with a 12-month working visa to Toronto. During this time, the couple fell in love with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the people and of course, Steam Whistle.

Fast forward 5 years later and the couple was married back in their home city of Auckland, New Zealand and on their special day, Sarah and Logan’s wedding photographer, Christina Stirpe, surprised Logan with a special wedding gift – a 6-pack of Steam Whistle. Learn more about why we wanted to highlight this special couple and the beautiful wedding they hosted for friends and family back in New Zealand.

Photo by Christina Stirpe Photography

Can you provide a little more info about why there is so much love for Toronto?

Logan: Sarah and I are both from New Zealand but we took up 12-month working visas for Canada back in July 2013 and we chose Toronto. It was our first big test as a couple – all we had was each other and some savings.

Very quickly we fell in love with the city and met some incredible people that we’re still friends with to this day, including our wedding photographer Christina.  Everyone we met was always so welcoming and happy to help two Kiwis make the most of their limited time in Toronto.

We’ve tried to stay connected with Toronto ever since and our mutual passion for the Maple Leafs has been the key factor in doing so. We have a savings account piling up in case that thing happens with the team…you know what I’m talking about…

I wanted to propose to Sarah for the longest time, but there was only one place that felt right – on the shores of Lake Ontario with the city behind us. So when we came back in November last year, I finally made it happen. No matter where life takes us, the city of Toronto will always be special to us.

Photo by Christina Stirpe Photography

Why Steam Whistle?

Logan: We were going to plenty of Blue Jays games that summer in Toronto, and so before one game we did the tour of the brewery – it was the first time I had done something like that but it was a heap of fun.

We learnt a lot about the care that goes into making Steam Whistle and I really admire that sort of dedication to craftsmanship. Not to mention you get a few beers along the way, and us Kiwis definitely love a good brew.

Photo by Christina Stirpe Photography

What was your reaction to Christina bringing you a few cans of Steam Whistle?

Logan: Honestly, I was so surprised. Before Christina left to fly down to New Zealand, I jokingly messaged her to ask if she could pack some cans into her luggage.

When we met up with Christina, she said, “ I have the Steam Whistle by the way.” I doubt you could wipe the smile off my face.

There were touches of Toronto’s influence throughout our wedding, so to kick things off by sharing a few Steam Whistles with my groomsmen was a tasty way to get the big day started.

Photo by Christina Stirpe Photography

Was there a highlight of the day that stands out the most?

Logan: I feel like we were very lucky to have the spectacular day that we had. Forecasts were suggesting all week that it would be a typical wet and unpredictable spring day in Auckland, but then beyond a few light showers in the morning, none of that eventuated.

Since Sarah and I planned the wedding together, it meant a lot when our guests would come up to us and say what a wonderful time they were having. They would also acknowledge the little things we had done to make the day personalised to what we feel defines our relationship.

Photo by Christina Stirpe Photography

Was there a specific moment during the day that was a highlight for you as a photographer?

Christina: I would say the entire experience was a highlight for me. The fact that Logan and Sarah wanted ME to come halfway across the world to photograph their wedding is an incredible feeling. Even though I was the only Canadian there, I still felt like I was at home (with all the Toronto Maple Leaf’s gear, and Steam Whistle of course!). It was a wedding that I will cherish being a part of.

Photo by Christina Stirpe Photography

Do you have a favourite photo from the wedding that really speaks to you?

Christina: All the photos turned out perfectly—Logan and Sarah were having the best day of their lives, and I had a wonderful time capturing the essence of the day. I like to take a documentary style approach when shooting weddings to truly capture the authentic and unplanned moments. Right now, there is one image that is my favourite. I snuck away with the couple after dinner, and I told Logan and Sarah to dance in the dark. They were only illuminated by the LOVE sign, and the way Sarah’s dress flows, along with their expression and gentle touch, is why I love this image.

To learn more about Toronto-based photographer, Christina Stirpe, visit or find her on Facebook and Instagram.