Top Artists To See At Queen West Art Crawl 2017

The Queen West Art Crawl (QWAC) is a charitable organization designed to celebrate and promote the art, culture and diversity of Queen West in Toronto.

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The cornerstone of QWAC is the Outdoor Art Exhibition in beautiful Trinity Bellwoods Park, which draws over 60,000 visitors annually. The Art Exhibition features a juried selection of the province’s best artists and artisans.

This year Queen West Art Crawl is bringing a full roster of live painters and accompanying musicians taking part in this year’s new festival Art Around the World.

Art Around the World is an interactive live art and music showcase taking place in various venues from Manning to Dufferin along Queen Street West. The theme is multiculturalism and the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary through the eyes of a diverse artist roster. “What has your culture brought to Toronto?”

To celebrate art around the world we asked Queen West Art Crawl to recommend some of the top artists to watch in 2017. They also asked artists Anam Feerasta and Patrick Klauss what it means to be an international artist in 2017.

“I grew up in a conservative society, with a modern education, first in Pakistan, then at McGill in Montreal. Like many of my friends, I found myself at constant odds. In educated, forward-thinking families, I found women facing the same daily struggles. The roots of our society were making its presence felt, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Our education had taught us better, but the fight against long standing cultural norms would be a daily one. It is in this dichotomy, that I found my subject. Painting became the medium through which I explored the role of women in the broader social fabric, alongside notions of love, compromise, identity and liberation.”


Anam Feerasta. Born in Pakistan. Acrylic Painter.

“As a Czech Canadian fine art photographer, I have been greatly inspired by the rich Czech photographic tradition of the 20th century. My photos document my journeys both in Canada and abroad during which I am looking at the world through the lens of European sensibility coupled with Canadian wonder and optimism.  My work is a celebration of all the physical and spiritual beauty I have had the fortune to encounter.”

patrick klaus

Patrick Klauss. Photographer, Born in Switzerland, raised Czech Republic.

Top Art Around The World Artists to Watch

1. Anand Jaggernauth

Born in Trinidad. Oil Painter.

anand jaggernauth

2. Dan Bi

Chinese Paper Mixed Media Artist.

dan bi

3. Marzena Kotapska

Polish Acrylic Painter.

marzena kotapska

4. Mitsuo Miyagi

Born in Japan. Mixed Media Artist.


5. Olena Lopatina

Oil Painter from Ukraine.

olena lopatina

6. Parisa Mehdipour

Watercolour Painter from Iran.

parisa mehdipour

7. Sustai Ulanbaagen

Printmaker with Mongolian background.

sustai ulanbaagen

All artists now based in Ontario.

Be sure to check out these artists work plus many more at Queen West Art Crawl at Trinity Bellwoods Park Sept 23-24th.