Steam Whistle's 2019 Holiday Party Guide

The season of holiday parties is upon us and if you want to be the best host you can be then we have you covered with our 2019 holiday party...

The season of holiday parties is upon us and, if you're hosting, you're looking for Christmas party ideas that will make your event the shindig of the season. You want  ideas that will spark joy. Ideas that will make for Instagrammable moments. Ideas that will, you know...not suck.

'Cause let's face it, we've all been to at least one holiday party that missed the mark by a few dozen Yule logs. 

But that's not going to be you! Not this year. As party experts, we've got the best Christmas party ideas to help you and your guests stay merry and bright.  

The main takeaway from all of these ideas boils down to this: know your guests and keep things simple. Simple doesn't mean you can't decorate your space to the nines or have a delectable feast of Christmas party appetizers, simply that if you stretch yourself too thin, your party will suffer. 

So keep reading for our top Christmas party ideas. 

Steam Whistle's 2019 Holiday Party Guide 

Feasting Foundations 101

Ever tried to eat a bowl of chili while holding a beer and standing against a wall? It's not fun. When you're choosing your holiday party menu, make sure the foods suit your eating accommodations. 

So, if every single guest will have a place to sit, then you have the option of serving foods that require utensils. However, if people will be standing, then finger foods are your best bet. 

Some of our favourite Christmas party appetizers include:

Steam Whistle Cheesy Bread 

Mouthwatering and easy to make, you can slice up this bread and serve with herbed butter for a crowd-pleasing Christmas party appetizer. Here's how to make it

You can also serve a tray of sliced meats and cheese and toppings so your guests can make their own sandwiches. 

Pizza Bites

Either make or order a few pizzas (number depends on the size of your party) and then cut them into bite-sized morsels. Stick a toothpick in each piece for easy plucking and you're done!

Sweet Potato Rounds with Cashew Butter

Here's a delicious Christmas party appetizer for all the plant-based guests at your shindig. Made with minimal ingredients and a total prep and cook time of under 30 minutes, everyone will love these dressed up seasonal spuds.

Cheese & Cracker Spread

It's old school, but it's one of the most timeless and beloved Christmas party appetizers. You can't go wrong with a spread of cheese and crackers. You can prepare a basic cheese board or go as fancy as you'd like, and which you choose will depend on your budget and your guest list, but rest assured: it'll be a hit. 

Vegan options: Be sure to include some cashew cheese and or hummus to accomodate any vegan guests. Even if none of your guests are vegan, these spreads are a delicious addition to your holiday party menu. 

Fruit & Veggies

Whether you're running to the supermarket for a pre-made tray of fruits and vegetables or want to prepare your own, we consider these staples of any Christmas party. 

Aside from being perennial faves, fruits and vegetables are also a saving grace for people with food allergies and sensitivities. 

Up your party game: Add a vegan chocolate and/or yogurt dip on the side for the fruit and a classic ranch and/or hummus dip on the side for the vegetables.

Again, being a good host means anticipating the needs of your guests, so providing a variety of foods to accommodate their food preferences and restrictions is a must for any conscientious organizer. 

Christmas Party Drinks

Obviously, Steam Whistle is a welcome addition to any holiday party, but your bevvy of bevy offerings shouldn't stop there. (Oh, and you can have our premium brew delivered to you here.)

Unless you want to provide a full bar to your guests (which you can certainly do if it's within your budget), we recommend providing a beer, red and white wine and a signature drink, like Winter Sea Breeze.

Winter Sea Breeze


  • 1 oz. vodka
  • 1 oz. grapefruit juice
  • 2 oz. tonic water
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Cranberries
  • Mint leaves

Mix wet ingredients, seeds and berries together in a tall glass, garnish with mint and enjoy!

Don't forget non-alcoholic drinks!

Water, coffee and a fun non-alcoholic drink like unspiked eggnog, hot chocolate or a Shirley Temple are great options. 

Christmas Party Games

Christmas party games are great fun, but to ensure they don't become a chore, pick a select one or max three. 

We recommend simple games, since your guests aren't there to work. An ugly Christmas sweater contest is a good way to go, as is a guess how many peppermints are in the jar. Then, you can do a game that requires everyone to (briefly) stop mingling and compete.

We love holiday themed pub-trivia, where you group your guests and ask a series of Christmas-related questions. Word to the wise: aim for no more than 20 questions. This number keeps the game going for long enough to bring everyone together for a bit of friendly competition, but not enough time for the game to become a drag.

You are welcome to make your own questions, but here are some if you're looking for a quick fix. 

Final festive considerations...

Remember, above all, as the host of a holiday party, it's your responsibility to make sure your guests are properly cared for--not only when they are at the party, but also, until they reach their home. 

Have taxi chits available or, enlist a friend or family member to act as the designated driver. You, as a host, are not the ideal driver since your job is at the party. You may also want to make sure there is room for someone to stay over, should this be necessary. 

Happy partying, from all the Good Beer Folk here at Steam Whistle!

Posted on December 15 2019, By: Steam Whistle


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