Green Christmas: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

Finding a gift for everyone on your list can be a tall task. That's why we are here to help with our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Christmas 2019.

This holiday season is shaping up to be like no season before, which is why we needed to create a holiday gift guide like none before. While the desire to give gifts is still prevalent, so is the desire to come up with Christmas gift ideas that are ecologically responsible. This means fewer and fewer people are looking to buy single use presents that will end up in landfills: people want to give - and receive - presents with a conscience. 

Green Christmas: A Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

Of course, this doesn't mean that gifts can't be fun, silly and entertaining, but beneath these more frivolous traits is a conscientious foundation - a foundation that shows that the person giving the gift not only cares about its recipient now, but also, cares the recipient's ability to enjoy the future. And besides, even if the person receiving the gift doesn't know it's eco-conscience, you will, and that peace of mind is what breeds peace on earth. 

If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas that give the warm, fuzzy, good vibes to all, we've got you covered. Here's the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2019.

1. Steam Whistle Glassware

A holiday gift guide - especially an eco-conscious holiday gift guide - wouldn't be complete without the mention of our premium glassware. In addition to being sustainable, our glassware is timeless and the perfect gift for anyone on your list who is a fan of our beers.

From our famous Allegro glass, our 20 oz pint glass, to our iconic 2L Steam Whistle Das Boot, there's a shape and size that's sure to tickle the fancy while our beer tickles the taste buds.

Check out our store for more amazing Christmas gift ideas from Steam Whistle. 

2. Steam Whistle Candle

Made from 100% sustainable soy wax, a Steam Whistle Candle is the ideal mood lighting for many treasured holiday moments. We've partnered with the candle geniuses at Mood Candle Co. to create these signature candles. Each is dusted with malted barley and hops for the pure pilsner, pure bliss vibe that so many people know and love.

3. Christmas Cactus

A Christmas Cactus is a plant that improves air purity all year long by removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. And, since this cactus is a super low-maintenance plant, your friend doesn't need a green thumb to enjoy this green gift for years - many, many years. In fact, Christmas cacti can live up to 30 years, so every time your loved one looks at their beautiful, blooming red and green plant, they'll think of you.

4. Bee-Friendly Products

Who doesn't need a sweetness in their lives? Whether you're giving someone delicious raw honey to enjoy in tea or on toast, or gifting an ambiance enhancing beeswax candle or some soothing and skin-loving beeswax beauty products, bee-friendly honey is always a beloved gift. 

What is bee-friendly honey?

Bee-friendly honey means that the honey and bee-products are produced with the health of pollinators (i.e. the bees) and the planet at the forefront of the business practice. The bee-keepers are ethical, so the vitality of this critical pollinator species is paramount. The bee-keepers do not take more than they need, and specialize in small-batch, sustainable harvesting of honey and wax.

How do you know if the honey you're getting is bee-friendly?

Bee-friendly honey will advertise itself as such. B-Corp Certification is one of the highest a producer can get, so if you want to ensure you're getting the very best, look for this stamp of quality.

Great bee-friendly brands in Canada include: Drizzle and The Heritage Bee Co.

5. Steam Whistle Tote Bag

Say no to single use plastics and yes to the Steam Whistle Tote Bag. This nifty tote can be used for groceries,  paperwork, gym gear, electronics - whatever, really! It's versatility is one of the qualities that makes our tote so green: we live in a world where the most ecologically sound purchases can work at least double duty!

And speaking which, for a green hack, use the tote in lieu of wrapping paper or a gift bag for a bigger present.

6. Steam Whistle Beer

Here's another great Christmas gift for Dad, or Mom, or anyone who loves our premium brews. It's no secret that we brew out beer with the most sustainable practices, and that our cans and even foil protective seals are recyclable. Whether you want to gift a six pack, a case or a keg, Steam Whistle is a gift you can feel good about giving.

7. Steam Whistle Brewery Tour

Your time is one of the most sustainable and eco-ethical gifts you can give. If you want one of the best Christmas gift ideas, then give a loved one the gift of unfettered time with you during a tour (and a tipple) at our historic brewery. Located in the heart of Toronto at the Roundhouse, a tour is the perfect way to begin or end a day of sightseeing in The Six. 

Whatever you do, this holiday season, remember that expensive Christmas gift ideas aren't half as treasured as ones that come from the heart. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays, from all of us Good Beer Folks!

Posted on December 10 2019, By: Steam Whistle


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