Steam Whistle's Nutritional Info (And How it Compares)

Beer companies aren't legally obligated to share their nutrition information with you--but we aren't most beer companies.

It's no secret that we're proud of our beers and what goes into them. In fact, we're so proud that we're about to let you peek behind the scenes and see the exact nutritionals in our popular beers. Beer companies don't legally have to do this, and most won't. But when have we ever acted like most beer companies?

We Good Beer Folk pride ourselves on only using the purest, best quality ingredients in our beer, and our aim is to be transparent. Take a look at what they're saying, and let's see how our brews stack up against other popular drinks. 

Steam Whistle's Nutritional Label

Pilsner vs. Session Light Lager

Trying to decide between the Pilsner and Session Light Lager? We've got you covered.

Steam Whistle Pilsner is a Canadian classic, with a crisp bitterness and clean, award-winning taste. A 12oz glass nets you 165 calories, 12g of carbs, and a 5% alcohol content. 

Session Light Lager is light and never leaves you feeling overly full you can sip away to your heart's content. This lighter brew is 142 calories, 11g of carbs and 4% alcohol content. 

Both beers are phenomenal choices, if we do say so ourselves, but understanding the difference in taste and nutritionals between the two can help you choose the right brew for you.

Steam Whistle Ingredients

Steam Whistle uses only clean, natural ingredients to brew our beers. In fact, you can count our ingredients on less than one hand: pure spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast. You can taste the difference that quality ingredients make. 

What we're skipping: foam enhancers, corn syrup, filler, additives, artificial flavours and more. Our beers don't need em, and you don't want em.

Learn more about our beer ingredients.

Steam Whistle vs. Other Beers

We've pulled together the nutritionals from other popular beer brands in the interest of transparency. You deserve to know exactly what you're drinking and make an informed choice. 

Beer Calories Carbs Vol. ABV
Steam Whistle Pilsner 165 12g 12oz 5.0
Steam Whistle Pale Ale 165 12g 12oz 5.0
Steam Whistle Session Lager 142 11g 12oz 4.0
Fat Tire Amber Ale 165 15g 12oz 5.2
Voodoo Ranger IPA 150 15g 12oz 7.0
Budweiser 145 11g 12oz 5.0
Bud Light 110 7g 12oz 4.2
Molson Canadian 136 12g 12oz 5.0
Heineken 150 11g 12oz 5.0
Corona Extra 149 14g 12oz 4.6
Guiness 125 10g 12oz 4.2
Stella Artois 154 13g 12oz 5.2

*These are not official nutritional numbers disclosed by each brand. We have estimated the calories & carbohydrates based on the serving size.

You'll notice that Steam Whistle beers aren't always the lowest in calories or carbs, and that's okay. The right choice for you isn't the right choice for everyone else, but being able to make an educated choice is key.

How Does That Compare With Other Drinks?

Beer has always seemed like the heavier choice compared to mixed drinks. But when you start actually looking at the nutritionals, a refreshing beer with all-natural ingredients can be less calories than many other drinks. 

Drink Calories Carbs
Vodka & Cranberry Juice 172 18g
Rye & Coke 147 11g
Caesar 168 40g
Cooler 228 32g
Gin & Tonic 171 16g
Apple Cider 210 24g
Glass Of Red Wine 217 7g
Glass Of White Wine 190 11g

While we're not throwing any shade at a classic mixed drink or glass of red wine, understanding what you're drinking and putting into your body is important. Steam Whistle makes that easier than ever with transparency around ingredients, nutrition facts, and our brewing process

Come see for yourself at The Roundhouse.


Posted on October 20 2021, By: Steam Whistle


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